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Website Problems

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WordPress Blog Problems

1. Fix problems with the theme

2. Correct graphics or photo display problems

3. Speed page loading time

4. Solve plug-in problems

5. Add additional features such as rotating photo display, etc.

6. And more...



Family Friendly

HTML Site Issues

1. Solve code problems

2. Set up advertising

3. Fix display errors

4. Improve site design

5. Fix improperly functioning forms



Website Editing/Design

1. Edit/improve content

2. Proof-read and edit text (sentence structure, grammar, etc.)

3. Improve appearance

4. Make your autoresponder emails convert better


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Doug and Holly Nicholson have helped me with countless website difficulties and questions over the years. I am so thankful for their expertise in building websites that are both attractive and professional. They are always happy to assist in any way they can, and they put their hearts into helping other people. Its a rare thing in this world to find folks who genuinely care, but the Nicholsons truly care about every client.

S. Krehbiel blog owner


As a community organization getting your name out there is important. Doug and Holly Nicholson spent the time to understand our mission and professionally developed our web site. From web hosting, graphics, page lay-outs, password protected content, and even including a web store, they did it all very well! I heartily recommend their services.

Pastor Eric Kieselbach, President, Shepherd Care

Thank you for visiting our site. Please let us if you have questions or if we can help you in any way.

Doug and Holly Nicholson